All Spas and Baths are vacuum formed, using superior sanitary grade Acrylic, accredited by International ISO 9002 standards.
This results in a quality product, that is easy to clean, resistant to scratching, and with a beautiful gloss finish. Products we are rightly proud of.
The SABS approved polyester resin and reinforced fibreglass provides the strength and durability required to present you with a long-lasting product for your home.

It's a Lifestyle

The Jacuzzi Team premium performance products support the needs of high endurance athletes and the every day person alike. Harnessing water’s natural ability to heal the mind, body and soul, The Jacuzzi Team Products increase your ability to recover, relax and perform.

We Bring Something Special

We Bring You a Lifestyle

Custom Built To Order

We are able to custom design your paradise for your home. View all our products below and you can also inquire about installations, costs, and completion times.

Hundreds of Happy Customers

"Very professional and caring always listen to customer needs and gives the correct advice. Not only they do Jacuzzi and pool covers they also do cctv and repair alarms systems. I was fortunate to find their services in the market place adds. First I was skeptical of what I used to hear about other companies. I gave them a call and they came on site gave me a quote and which was reasonable. I gave them a deposit and the next day they were on site. I am personally happy with their service and I will highly recommend them feel free to contact me."
Dheenadhayalan Pillay Joey