Bubble cover & Roll-up Station in Morningside Sandton

Bubble cover & Roll-up Station in Morningside Sandton. For your own Solar Bubble Cover and Roll-up Station contact our sales team at 0715557311 or info@thejacuzziteam.co.za

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Bubble cover & Roll-up Station in Morningside Sandton. For your own Solar Bubble Cover and Roll-up Station contact our sales team at 0715557311 or info@thejacuzziteam.co.za

By Kenneth & Liezel

Hi and welcome to our blog. We had the opportunity to make and install a 500 micron Solar Bubble cover for a client in Morning side Santon Gauteng. Our Projects normally follow these steps as a result we had a happy customer. So here we are going to tell you for instance what the procedure was. But before we do here is what you need to know about a Solar Bubble Pool Cover.

“If you own a pool, then chances are you’ve heard of solar pool covers. And if you haven’t, then all the more reason to continue reading.”

Because solar pool covers are one of the most useful tools at a pool owner’s disposal. They save energy, time, and money. Of course, if you’re reading this, then you’re probably already thinking about buying one.

But if not, this post will still fill you in on everything you need to know about solar pool covers. From how they work, to the multitude of benefits that come with using them. With that said, here’s a simple guide on how to use a solar pool cover.

What is a solar pool cover

A solar pool cover, or solar blanket, is a thin and lightweight sheet made from a special UV resistant plastic. Each blanket is double-sided, with one side smooth and the other similar to bubble wrap.

Just like a regular lid on a pot, covers trap in heat and reduce evaporation while shielding unwanted debris from entering your water.

Now that may not sound like a huge deal, but consider that 75% of heat loss is due to evaporation. A avoidable problem that every uncovered pool is subject to. One that’s easily resolved by using a solar Bubble pool cover.

How Solar Blankets Work

Solar blankets have a two-fold purpose, to retain the heat in the pool by preventing evaporation and heat loss through the pool’s surface, which is accelerated by a light wind. The second purpose is to absorb the heat rays of the sun. Any flat material laid over a pool will absorb heat, but may not transfer it effectively to the water. Solar blanket design uses air pockets, or bubbles, that reflect the sun’s rays into the water, while the heat warms the air in the bubble, transferring it to the water more effectively.

The Procedure

The customer contacted The Jacuzzi Team for a free no obligation quote. After sending us precise measurements and a picture  of his pool (the widest and the longest part of the pool) we then were able to give him a free no obligation quote. The client also requested a Roll-up Station to help with the ease of taking off the cover when they want to use the pool.

We proceeded to give a quote and on acceptance we started the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process takes about 7 to 14 days and ensures that the product meets all the required standards set out.

Delivery was arranged and we proceeded to deliver, attach and shape the cover to fit the pool. Our customer is very happy with the professional service and said that he can recommend us.

You can contact us for your free no obligation quote today by clicking on the button below.

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