Need solar pool  accessories?, We can help with Bubble blankets, Solar panels & Safety covers. Go through our products and get a quote today!

Solar Bubble Covers – 500 micron

Innovative design
Efficient and retained water heating
Ideal weight and thickness for ease of use and durability
Eliminates algae
Reduced water and chemical evaporation
No debris contacting water
Chemical and UV Resistant
Sturdy stainless-steel frame roller
Lightweight aluminium pole
Eight blanket clips for even drag

Various Shapes & Sizes

When measuring the size of the pool cover required, please ensure that you measure to the widest point across the width and length of the pool.

The solar cover is available in royal blue and can be sized to suit any shape or size of pool. The bubble cover floats on the pool and does not require any form of fixing to the sides of the pool and roll-up station systems are available and can be installed in conjunction with the pool cover.

PVC Safety Covers

The Jacuzzi Team’s Solid Safety PVC Covers are solid covers that provides a range of solutions. A means to secure the pool, keep it clean, free of leaves and debris, stop water evaporation and reduce chemical use, all while being simple and easy to fit and remove the cover.  If you need a pool cover for safety, increasing water temperature, eliminating evaporation, stops algae forming, keeping dirt/debris out the pool and save on chemicals + electricity, then look no further. The PVC safety cover is the only PVC cover that offers 100% safety and sets the standard for pool covers.