We all want our homes to feel safe, warm and welcoming to our family and friends, to feel appreciated and provide us with our place of sanctity. We understand this need and it drives our business. Our underfloor heating transforms your home environment and produces that “warm feeling”. The underfloor heating system has been scientifically designed to provide this optimal luxury and comfort. The difference between our product and others, is that it runs at less than half the cost and reduces your power consumption.

Carpet Heating

Warm carpets feel great underfoot, but they also help keep your home healthy by keeping humidity levels low, keeping dust mites and other allergens in check. There are several benefits to having under carpet heating. First of all hygiene. Carpets tend to absorb dust. Furthermore, the hot air from conventional radiators causes the air in the room to circulate. As a result of this, they circulate the dust and impurities. Underfloor heating heats up objects rather than the air and does not cause air circulation. Radiant heat is, therefore, the most suitable heating system for carpets.

Tile Heating

Even though tiles are most often associated with kitchen and bathroom flooring, this durable and easy to clean surface is great for use in other areas too such as corridors and laundry rooms. Due to the low thermal resistance below the tile and high thermal mass of either tile and stone, these floor types are perfect for conservatories and other areas subject to high heat loss. Tile and stone floorings can be heated over 29°C, enabling the use of heaters with heat outputs going up to 200W/m².

These hard surface floor finishes are suitable for use with electric underfloor heating systems. If you’re looking to get underfloor heating for tiles, our wide range of products guarantees that we have the perfect solution for you.